Women Wisdom Circle


connect - support - inspire

with the energy of the full moon

next: 8 april 2023

In our Women Widom Circle we let the feminine energy flow, tap into our inner wisdom and get energised by the full moon. We connect deeply with ourselves and each other, having a safe space to share, celebrate and inspire.

What to expect:

Petra will lead you in your Women Wisdom Journey. A physical and/or creative excercise is always part of the journey, as well as a guided meditation, ceremonial tea or cacao and a lovely dinner. There is room for (shamanic) drumming, so you can bring your drum if you have one.  We do whatever feels needed for the group at that particular moment.

The preparations for a lovely dinner were made by the healthy food and lifestyle specialist Catherine Pohl. She is also leading us in our guided meditation.

Note that this circle is a sacred and save space to let anything happen. We laugh and cry together, without judgement, just support.



8 april 2023 16:00 – 20:00 at Jep's Place


A maximum of 6 tickets are available 200 SEK per person Swish to 072 1898936 or send an email to petra@jepsplace.se and pay cash