Women Wisdom Circle


connect - support - inspire

every month with the energy of the full moon


28 october 2023 16:00 – 20:00 at Jep's Place


In our Women’s Wisdom Circle we let the feminine energy flow, tap into our inner wisdom and get energised by the full moon. We connect deeply with ourselves and each other, having a safe space to share, celebrate and inspire.

This beautiful day we will have a Taurus Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse just a few hours after closing our circle.

During Eclipse Season, great revelations occur that can help you shift your perspective and your attachments. Be open to downloads of energetic information and to the Universe revealing things to you. Some of these revelations may be shocking initially, but they will soon help you transition to a new version of yourself. Take care of your nervous system, though, and align with nature to ground you during any chaotic times.

Eclipse seasons are always powerful periods of change and revelation. Eclipses open portals for us to step through and make exponential life changes. 

They allow us to release energies that have felt attached to us, or stagnant in our field.
(source: Spirit Daughter)

Together we will focus on the Taurus energy today, bringing us stillness  and the opportunity to feel the present moment as we nurture ourselves. It is now time to feel comforted and have a pause in our journey of transformation. We explore the beauty of our lives and step into our future selves.

As usual we will have a physical activity, a meditation, a creative activity, a sharing circle, dinner, music and dance. Plus everything that will come up as needed for the group at this particular moment.

Note that this circle is a sacred and save space to let anything happen. So try to let go of any expectations beforehand and enjoy the things that will come up. Anything that happens in the circles, stays in the circle, we come here to share, support, inspire and get inspired. We laugh and cry together, without judgement.


P.S. did you know that we have a long night after our circle because national regulations tell us that we need to turn our clock back to 2 at the moment it strikes 3? 😃😴


A maximum of 8 tickets are available 350 SEK per person Swish to 072 1898936 or send an email to petra@jepsplace.se and pay cash